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Figure. Dr. Matthew DiMaggio joins TAL and Rising Tide.
Matt DiMaggio joined the University of Florida’s Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory in 2014 as an assistant professor.  His research program focuses on the culture of ornamental fish species in Florida and he works closely with the local industry to identify opportunities for optimization and innovation. Dr. DiMaggio has a broad foundation in the field of aquaculture, having conducted research with both marine and freshwater species produced for food, bait, and ornamental purposes. His previous investigations have focused on a myriad of applied culture aspects including live feed production, larval rearing, and induced spawning. Additionally, elucidation of basic physiological responses within a species can provide an opportunity for intervention or manipulation to achieve desired outcomes in a production setting. Consequently, reproductive endocrinology, stress physiology, and osmoregulation, are areas of particular interest to him due to their importance for the successful propagation of fishes in captivity. Matt is very excited to contribute to the ongoing research efforts of Rising Tide and he believes that the open dialogue fostered through this collaboration will help to accelerate the commercialization of many of these challenging marine species.
Dr. DiMaggio is currently accepting applications for a four year PhD research assistantship investigating production methods for ornamental fish species in Florida. Please follow the link below for further information .
The Rising Tide team at the Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory



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