The short video above shows a thriving larval rearing tank full of 18 day old French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) spawned at Walt Disney World. The stocking density is certainly high, but the larvae have preferences for certain high-flow, high-light areas in the tank and seem to stack up in these areas, giving the illusion of a much higher stocking density. Days away from metamorphosis, this group of grunts has been used to document larval development, and to create a larval rearing protocol for the species. We were lucky enough to be contacted by Disney when their group of French Grunts starting spawning in a research system. This is a fantastic opportunity to examine the aquaculture requirements for French Grunts without interspecific competition from other species that we normally see in aquarium- collected spawns.

This species of grunt is similar to congeners in its larval rearing requirements and does very well on a diet of rotifers and Artemia and are sure to be an amazing, schooling display of yellow bodies and bright blue eyes.

More to come…

Special thanks to Larry Boles and Stacy Knight of Walt Disney World for their invaluable help in bringing this species to culture.

Matthew L. Wittenrich, PhD

Eric Cassiano

University of Florida
Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory



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