As mentioned in our previous post, six adult melanurus wrasses (3 male, 3 female) were moved to the Tropical Aquaculture Lab back in February.  After settling into their new environment and being offered a conditioning diet of LRS Reef Frenzy, PE mysis shrimp and Otohime EP1 pellets, the wrasses have quickly got back into their routine of spawning nearly every night.  While we continue to work through some kinks in production, we wanted to share some of our excitement with our latest group of captive bred melanurus wrasses.

Video 1:  Melanurus wrasse broodstock spawning at dusk.  Notice in slow motion all three males can be seen making an attempt at fertilizing the female’s eggs.

Figure 1.  10 dph melanurus wrasse larva.
melanurus 14dph dark and light
Figure 2. 14 dph melanurus wrasse larva.
Melanurus Wrasses
Figure 3. 36 dph melanurus wrasse juveniles.




Video 2:  Melanurus wrasse juveniles, 36dph.
The Rising Tide Team at the Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory




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